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Currently, we are living through difficult times. COVID-19 is affecting every business and every individual. Our normal routine has been disrupted and we need some time to adjust.

At AMB Driving School, we want to make sure that your education has little to no disruption. Which is why we are introducing an online course for our driving school.

You will be able to practice social distancing AND successfully complete your AMB course through the online platform, excluding in-car lessons.

AMB Driving School has 2 options for completing online courses, either our digital e-learning platform where you learn at your own pace and at your own time, or our live virtual classes which are instructor-led on specific course dates.




Through our online Learning Management System, students can expect to learn at their own pace. These 20 hours are broken down into 8 distinct learning modules.

  • Content that meets the MTO’s curriculum guidelines
  • Interactive knowledge checkpoints throughout the modules
  • A variety of engaging and informative activities and videos that support driver education
  • Quizzes at the end of each module graded through an automated system
  • A final test after the completion of all 8 modules graded through an automated system
  • Inquiries related to content, service and technology will be addressed by our team promptly
  • This course also entails 10 hours of homework, meeting the requirements for the MTO beginner driver education course. These are simple and engaging activities that assess students learning

The digital course also includes various controls and learning tools embedded into the system. The following are elements and learning tools included in AMB E-learning software:

  • Sound control
  • Playback speed control
  • Alternative text for the visually impaired
  • Glossary for each module
  • Ability to continue where you left off
  • Engaging and interactive

You can choose from our three packages. All packages include in-car training which you will be able to redeem for up to 1 year.

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A virtual classroom will be conducted through zoom. In this format, teachers will be conducting a live class with material on-screen and allotted time for questions and answers (Q & A). All course materials such as online homework, ministry forms, and zoom login details will be emailed to students 24 hours prior to course start date. Our virtual class incorporates interactive learning through teacher led questions and discussions.

You can choose from our three packages. All packages include in-car training which you will be able to redeem for up to 1 year.

The virtual classes have set dates, see homepage for dates.

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We are continuously improving our online learning system. Any feedback or questions are always welcome.

See you online!